3 things to keep a secret.

It is not always ideal to be too secretive, but these three things you are suppose to keep a secret.
1. Personal/Love life.

Most times you might be going through a rough patch in your personal life and you might feel the urge to share with a friend or a colleague, don’t be too spontaneous to do that.  Research have shown that most people you complain to about your personal life have no clue about how to solve them, it can go a long way exposing you to your foes who can use your distorted state of mind agaisnt you. Always sort the advice of a professional therapist if need be.

2. Net worth.

A lot of human have the urge to show of and announce to the world the moment they make their first million, that is a big mistake. In the present day and age, it is obvious that it is a very bad move. Your closest friend should not know your net worth: your spouse is allowed to under strict instructions. Envy can creep in wgen a friend ot colleague finds out you are making more money or worth more than him/her.

3. Next Move.

“Hey Brian am thinking of traveling to UK for a program to enable me be qualified for that managerial job during promotion” Josh said. Don’t broadcast your next move to anyone, do what you have to do anf let them hear about it later. A lot of people have lost their lives, jobs, property and businesses because of the mistake of  confiding their next move to a friend. You can never know who is envious of your progress and as an entreprenuer, it is important you learn how to keep a secret!

In your quest, remember nothing is hidden under the Sun.

Enjoy your day.


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