Slay queen vs Career woman; the social impact.

It has become increasingly disturbing the rate at which girls of this generation slay instead of committing to a life of purpose. The order of the day is exposing skin and private parts, internet begging, social media sex workers,  reckless life and lots and lots of nudity.hbd_xo_by_xyounqx-d8wpgvc

In the recent past, i have hardly come across a girl who really wants to go school, acquire knowledge and actually change the world. All they are after is to have a good time, out drink and out smoke their male counter parts, rock the best cloths and shoes in vogue, party all night long with strangers who 99% of the time leaves them to marry more homely and focused girls.

Who is a slay queen?

A slay queen is a fictional product of our society, the product of the failed Morales and values of the society.  A girl who goes around parading as a queen in social media, she walks any length to convince people believe she is living a life luxury by borrowing, stealing, sex peddling and to some extent killing just to cover up the lie.slay_queens_by_parasol_lights-d5yzw50

Slay queens live for the moment, they never consider what the future holds for them nor the consequence of their actions. A good example is the young lady involved in the killing of the Jumia delivery man in Port Harcourt Nigeria over 6 Iphones. i wonder fora split second if she ever considered the consequences of her action, sheepishly tagging along with her boyfriend in committing such heinous crime. Look were it landed her.

The Social Media factor.

Our social media today is full of fake people, anybody can take a picture in the nicest location he or she can find and post online for the consumption of the gullible. the naive always digests these images as an evidence of good living, and owing to the envious nature of human of never feeling left behind, they go ahead in engaging in various atrocities just to measure up.brag-326x245

The trend have dangerously infiltrated our teenagers, and is encroaching dangerously in to our secondary schools. a simple research exposes the level of decadence in the social life of the teenagers who most time have no choice but to copy the trend in the society.

Any active user of the social media platforms will concur to these claims which have become increasingly high and still rising.

Where did we get it all wrong?

The family is the smallest unit of every society. It serves as the fore runner in grooming a child, teaching him or her the morals and values of the society.  it teaches the child the good from the bad and molds him or her into a respectable member of the society.

Today’s family is all about making money.

The Dad hardly teach the boys how to be a respectable man because, he is too busy trying to provide for the family.

The mothers have lost it completely with our girls. The fundamental values of womanhood have been flushed down the drain. Mothers openly celebrate their daughters who chase after men and return proceeds home. Mothers even go to the extent of mocking their daughters who refuse to indulge in such shameful acts. They push their daughters into the arms of any man who is willing to part ways with some of his cash.

The implication is the acceptance of such lifestyles which are supported by parents whom are suppose to condemn it.

How do we make it right?

The society must speak up about this evil eating into the fabric of our society.

The government must arrest this moral decadence by organizing seminars on proper parenting and also putting checks on the social lives of our teenagers with proper policies.

Parents and guardian should show more concern on what their children consume over the internet, whom they interact with and who they hang out with.Parent must step up and play their roles.

Alot can be done to arrest this slaying evil before it consumes us all.

To be continued……





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