Biafra: my experience – Barr Muoneme

   ………..What the world need to know……….
A serious radicalization is taking place in South East, in a well planned manner.

Based on logistics, I decided to embark on a short trip from Awka to Onitsha. In the course of the journey, it was by public transport every other ordinary Nigerian like us normally use.
Before I proceed, let me state it clear that I acknowledge the ongoing work on federal road by Federal Govt particularly Enugu one lane axis. However coming down to Awka-Onitsha road, the delay is too long and enough that I am running out of patient. If the Awka-Umunya-Onitsha road remain as it is till 2019, I bet this government I will reconsider my stand and my vote come 2019.

​Back to the issue on ground. As I was travelling to Onitsha yesterday, one of the passengers started praying for the journey, I took it fit as normal prayers they say when one embark on journey. But when I began to hear words like Chukwu Abiama, Eze Umuigbo, Chukwu Umu Biafra, I was like hmmm. After the brief prayer, comes preaching, everything about the preaching centered on Nigeria and the issue of Biafra, particularly why we Ndigbo must support and give our all and all for Biafra. The preacher was actually a great student of History, he dissected Nigeria political and religious history and how it was all against Ndigbo. He deployed every tool of fallacy, particularly appeal to emotion which makes his argument appear logical. I almost fall in line with his reasoning totally and concede to him. 90% of the passengers already with him and started raining causes against Nigeria as a nation.
The summary is that God name is now use as a tool for Biafra radicalization. The same way Allah and Islam was deployed as a tool for Boko Haram radicalization.
The message of Biafra is no longer as it was before but now being preached with strong appealing points.

If the government of Nigeria continue to fail to take the issue of South East serious, it will reach a point where there will be an uprise in South East which may appear irresistible.

The killing of Mohammed Yusuf of Boko Haram brought us to the terror we are witnessing today, one will begin to wonder if anything happen to Nnamdi Kanu, I bet you what will happen will shock the fabric of Africa as a nation.
The message of Biafra is now being radicalised and taking direct to the people of East by every means of possible conviction. Is now left for wise government to act fast than to keep acting stupid.
Thank you.
I A Muoneme Esq. 

Writing from Awka-Anambra State.


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