********The making of a new Leader********

Since INEC released the official date for conduct of Governorship election of my dear state Anambra, a lot of political move, strategy and realignment have been taking place in the state. So many consultation and political agreement and promise have been ongoing. Our own Governor is playing the game of the more you look, the less you see. Contractors have been ordered back to site so as to swell the mind of the electorates.

But there is one man who have been an inspiration to the young generation of the state. A man who eats and die with Presidents of countries but never allow that to swell his mind but always on home to sit and chat a new course with young ideal minds in proffering solution to his projects.

One thing about him is that he never shine away from advise and always pride with ideas of young fellows around him. Just as posited by my very good friend, Tobenna Obiano the CEO of Explorer Magazine. He is a man who is ready to engage you on hot debate but bow to superior argument just like Bola Tinubu the Asiwaju of Yoruba land who is known to always bow to superior and quality reasoning.

Mr Tobenna Obiano said it all. Then when the idea of changing the name of one of the best events organized for Anambra Youths, from Anambra Youth Day to Anambra Youth Fiesta. When the argument all started, we all were present and engage him on the very reason why it must be Youth Fiesta and not Youth Day as previously planned.
After so many argument led by Tobenna and put up by so many like minds like Chukwuemerie Uduchukwu, Franklin Okechukwu Onwubiko, Adaobi Madubuobu and myself, he saw reasons with us and in a jiffy, the name was change to suit the flavor of the event.
However this is the man I can give a first hand report of who he is and what he can do. He is a brave man who happens to accommodate everyone even his heavy critics, I remember on several occasion when the radical journalist Chukwuemerie have descended some loaded critics to most of his project so as to help in brushing out the best he never chicken out but was fully out to brainstorm it out with him. The man never chicken out on issues but always engage his critics and ready to give in when you have a superior sound reasoning and argument. On another occasion, Alor Jude Okechukwu, Ifechukwu Promise and my humble self engaged him on proffering ideas for Anambra Youths he was all out to give us his ear. These alone is one of the major attribute of a good leader like Mohammed Rashid of United Arab Emirate who believes that man is not a repository of wisdom. To most of his young mind followers, he is an institution.
Left for me base on first hand report and encounter, even though I have a soft spot for my early political mentor Prince Chinedu Idigo whose ambition have remain unknown but so far the best political pundit to vie for Governor of Anambra state is concern, Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah remain the best until proven otherwise.

Thank you.
Barr. Ifesi Muoneme Andrew (Esq)


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