Isaac Omoyele’s story will inspire you to pursue your dream and live a life of impact. He’s a young change-maker who is helping children living in slums to build healthy self-esteem and also helping them to realise their dreams and aspirations.

Hello Omoyele Isaac Success, It feels good to have you here today On Under35CEO. Could you please introduce yourself to the Under35CEO community?

My name is Omoyele Isaac Success, a Social Activist and Child Advocate. I’m the Founder of Dreams from the Slum, an initiative committed to reducing the number of children that are out of school in Africa, hence making education a priority.

I’m also an alumni of Leap Africa Social Innovators Programme, a member of the Youth Action Net (an initiative of International Youth Foundation) and UN Major Group for Children and Youths, Training Co-ordinator of Global Alliance for Youth Leaders and a World at School Global Youth Ambassador.


Why are you so passionate about reducing the number of children that are out of school and facilitating access to psychological support?
Because the importance of education cannot be over emphasized, it refines and helps build healthy self-esteem.

I want to make my world better than I met it, doing what will put smiles on the faces of others that they don’t have to pay me back is fulfilling.


How was growing up like for you?
Growing up for me was quite tough. I was out of school a certain time—I knew how it feels like to be home when your peers are learning in school. I know how it feels like not to have educational materials. All of these experiences gave me a low self-esteem cum worth.

Omoleye Isaac Success-Under35CEO

Tell us about ‘Dreams from the Slum’, how everything started.
I was angry about my past and I was inspired to do something about the future. I know there are millions of children out there living in slums and going through even worst situations like I did. What I went through in life as a child inspired me to take action so as to prevent others from having such experience. This was what gave birth to Dreams from the slum initiative.


What is the mission of your organization?
Our mission is simply to make the dreams of vulnerable children living in the slum a reality through our approach on education, empowerment and mentor-ship.


In your own opinion, what do you think are the factors contributing to high rate of out of school children in Nigeria?
Poverty is the first and proper orientation is the other.


What were the difficulties that you faced at startup, in terms of inspiration and operations?
At first it was pretty difficult getting people to buy into the vision, which made support to be retarded and affected us from getting the needed man-power.


Can you tell us about how you go about fund raising, marketing and donor development for your organization?
We raise support for our work through strategic partnerships, individual donations, crowding funding by leveraging on the various social media pages and writing to corporate bodies. But we are still not there yet, we are still in need of corporate sponsors.


What critical information do you think young people need to start and lead a non-profit?
They need a sense of purpose. They should be able to answer the what, how and why of the non-profit they want to lead/start.

Omoleye Isaac-Under35CEO

You’re one of A World at School’s network of 500 Global Youth Ambassadors in 85 countries. Tell us how this has impacted the work you do with Dream from the Slum.
I have learnt best practices in this field, connected with other youths from different countries and regions of the world and I’ve been given a rare opportunity to inspire others.


And how do you personally define success?
Success for me is impacting my world with the investment of my personality. Giving lives a meaning is what makes me a success.


What do you think is your greatest achievement so far?
Hmmmm. Being able to bring back lost hope of children who gave up on their dreams. That’s my utmost priority.

Lastly, what’s the big dream for Dreams form the Slum?
We have a dream to have a centre for children in the next 5 years. A place where children will have access to their basic needs which would include a library, recreation centre etc.


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