Let me tell you a story.

When I was in js2, I left the school hostel and traveled home. Unfortunately, I met no one at home as my parents traveled (there was no handset then). I had to return to school the next morning after sleeping in my neighbors place. I didn’t have a dime left on me as I had hoped to get some cash from home. On getting to the bus stop, I pleaded with a passenger to allow me sit on his laps so i won’t have to pay transport fare. It was a small car, owned by a young lad who wanted to make quick cash. When the car got moving, he insisted that i pay in as much as i wasn’t occupying any seat. The passengers were furious at him.


After few minutes of arguing, he said that if only his passengers were science students, they will understand that irrespective of the fact that I wasn’t occupying a seat, I still need to pay. That was the last thing he said, he didn’t collect money from me but that statement stuck in my head.

It wasn’t until ss2 when I studied Newton’s laws of motion that I understood perfectly what the young driver meant. Especially the mathematical derivatives of Newton’s 2nd law where F = ma. It became clear that for the moving car under constant acceleration, more force (fuel) would be needed if the mass increases. I was increasing the sum total of mass,m in his car and as such, he would need to burn more fuel to maintain acceleration.

Mathematics equations become more interesting when it is applied.


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