“Bad companies they say corrupt good manners”

I have watched lots of movies both foreign and local, and only in such movies have i seen such escapades compared to the euphoria in this patch of land. The past few months have be a different experience from the life i have come to know. Association get levels now, relations have been redefined in a different contest of confinement. Values have been bamboozled, morals vaporized, urges magnified, opinions conflicted, orientation rebooted and only the closest explanation to this phenomenon can be equated to Sodom.

“Shewe” is the code name of commercial sex workers and any social active man in the island will confirm how common this word have become. It has become a matter of competition as girls of different ethnicity troop in from different place just to tap into the flowing rivers of cash switching hands as urges of pleasures are satisfied.

I have come to meet a couple of these girls because of the company i keep – stay out late kind of guys. These guys if am not mistaken, are the most fun to hangout with, drink to your fill and smoke the pains away kind of guys. I have come to grow fund of them because they come with a lot of experience to navigate me through this strange land i find myself. These guys knows everybody.

They know virtually where everyone stays, whom everyone is, who is dating who, who is loyal to who. These guys know the sabi boys, the fuck up boys and the system men. You can’t cough in this territory without these guys knowing about it.One thing that have rubbed off on me staying around these guys is the brotherhood.

When it comes to sleeping at night? your guess is at good as mine.


#Abibidiary #Abibi







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