A trip overseas (2)

barIts been a week since i arrived the island, but it feels like forever. The weight of my past, the life i left behind, friends, family, love. The fear of the unknown…sometimes overwhelming…have taken over me, that uncertainty of what the future holds.

Sometimes i ask myself why i had to quit my job, the security of a steady income…. chills run down my spine just thinking about it. The fear of the unknown.Its in moments like this i remember all the right reasons i quit, the adventure of a better life..greener pastures.

“Learn when to give up, no need watering a dead flower”

In the past one week, i have gotten a bit accustomed to the environment, made some new friends, picked one of two phrases from the local dialect to help me navigate after missing my way one or two times. I got to meet my new colleagues who were excited to meet me as i was to meet them too.

it was 6pm, a few minutes after work.  I decided to take a stroll around the estate, to soak in more of the scenery. I happened to stumbled into one of the bars, with an african theme. The craven for a chilled bottle of beer took hold of me, as i have to tasted liquor for over a week. See girls, pretty girls. I managed to walk over to the bar without tripping over as all of them were starring at me.I ordered for a cold bottle of beer, My favorite brand. As i settled and doing justice to the bottle, sipping on my beer generously, i noticed this beautiful girl staring at me. At first i thought she was looking at someone else. I turned to get a better look at the guy behind me, no one was there. That was when it dawned on me that i was the one she was gazing at.WTF!… she is walking over to my position, i pretended not to notice.

“Hello”,she said. i looked up into here eyes, damn! that’s the most beautiful eyes i have ever seen. “Seems you are new, i haven’t seen you around”. I kept on staring at her, dumb founded. Lagos where i came from beautiful girls are known for there shakara…hard to get. Here i am staring at a creature which  i can only describe as a fallen angel, talking to me without me trying….me!.

“My name is Beauty, what’s your name?”,she said. “Vin”, i managed to say. She grabbed a sit and sat beside me, her bum engulfing the sit…i became jealous of the chair.”I hope you don’t mind”, i just kept starring. Not before long, we were lost in conversations. Time became lost in space and ticked on. We bonded like we have known each other for ages, she let me in a lot of secrets, who is who in the residence, when to catch fun, what to avoid….it was a thrilling 2 hours.

“i guess you reside here, can we go to your house?”. i felt a knot tightening on my pants. That was when i became self aware of my vicinity. All the charms and familiarity was all for a purpose…it was all a game, to get me to take her homebar. “ok”…and we strolled out.

to be continued….







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