My life, My choice…

There were times when i cared about peoples perceptions about me, when i thought of how people will react or what people will sat if i said, or did something i care about.

those were the times when i let opportunities pass me by because of what people would say or think. Times when i would have changed my life for the better, socially and financially….

Fast forward few years later, people still don’t give a damn.

Missed opportunities, friends lost, partners gone, dream stagnant, and craving left with the wind.

Some people will consider it a failure, me? this is SUCCESS.

Now am wiser, smarter, have smaller circle of friends who love me die, made richer and smarter partners, have a badass mentor and enjoying life.

i don’t care what you think about me.

My mentor always told me to be me, develop me, cultivate me, work hard, pray harder and enjoy life.

opportunities will find you.


God first, Family Next….the rest is in the way.


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