A trip Over seas


Leaving my family four months ago to a far and distant land and over seas, was a hard fought and the scariest decision i have ever made. In search of greener pastures, i had to leave my family, friends, loved ones and the life i knew to a strange land.

At first, i didn’t know what to expect, after hearing series of account of the beautiful island and the promises it holds from peeps who have been in and out…my spirit of adventure was like…this is it.

then i arrived…

On that beautiful afternoon, sometime in October, i managed to get my self to Port Harcourt after a long road trip of about 13 hours from Lagos. i managed to get a hotel room to sleep in since i have missed the boat that will ferry me into the island. i manged to get  to the bed before i collapsed on it out of exhaustion from the journey. My alarm woke me, it was 6am already.  I washed up and prepared for the adventures ahead. I managed to grab my bag and headed for the taxi that have been arranged for mE by the taxi receptionist, a fine lady whose name i never got to know.

It took me an hour to get to the jetty for a journey of two hours due to my generous tip to the cab driver. I hurried my luggage through the security check and was fortunate to be cleared to board the boat as it was about to begin its voyage. “Put this on”, was the coarse voice of the conductor as he hands me a life jacket. That was when the reality of the journey set in. As i gazed at the vast ocean which am about to tread, my liver failed me. i  then remembered the word of my father…his soul rest in peace….,”if you are too afraid to try, you will never know what you missed”. The engine fired up, and off we went into the unknown.

After series of reports and sightings of sea pirates in the region, i was obviously perching at the edge of my sit , darting my eyes from side to side at the site of any boat we came across as ours speed across the sea. i cant remember praying as much as i did in that boat as the wave dealt us blows after blows. it was a turbulent and nerve wrecking journey of an hour across the open sea and at top speed of 80km/hour.

Mid way through the journey, in the middle of nowhere, we came a cross a navy ship which have intercepted a pirate boat that attempted to rob a passenger boat. it dawned on me the truth of the whole story…pirates are real. I really cut my cap for the fine gentlemen of the Navy for the nice they are doing in keeping our water ways safe.

we kept on heading to the island, as i kept firing my prayers.

we came across ocean liners, tankers, speed boats, a couple of fisher men trying to catch some fish. All of these i paid little or no attention to as i kept hoping for land.

At the sight of land ahead, i heaved a sigh of relieve knowing the impending safety and comfort which am about to enjoy. Ten minutes later, we where on safe ground. I offloaded my luggage and hailed a taxi to drop me of at my new home, that was when i saw the inscription……

Welcome to Bonny Island.

to be continued….


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