3 things to keep a secret.

It is not always ideal to be too secretive, but these three things you are suppose to keep a secret. 1. Personal/Love life. Most times you might be going through a rough patch in your personal life and you might feel the urge to share with a friend or a colleague, don't be too spontaneous… Continue reading 3 things to keep a secret.


10 things you must do before quitting your job to start your own business.

You have a dream but you need a checklist to achieve it. ​So you've decided you're ready to take the plunge, quit your job, and get your own company up and running. You have an amazing ">business idea you are ready to launch. You're probably excited and nervous at the same time, which is perfectly… Continue reading 10 things you must do before quitting your job to start your own business.

Love and Relationship

"I have discovered that love doesn't guarantee the success of a relationship. Love cannot help you stick to one person all year round, and on the other hand, cheating isn't always a product of not loving your partner.​  In fact, loving someone doesn't guarantee not falling in love with someone else. Relationships work out mostly… Continue reading Love and Relationship


3 ways to overcome Office politics.

The only way to avoid playing games at work is to understand the games other people are playing. ​ I stood at the podium dumbfounded by my coworker’s questions. Yesterday he told me everything I was doing in the lab was 100% correct and today, with my boss and my boss’s boss sitting next to… Continue reading 3 ways to overcome Office politics.



Shalom 16 JUNE 2017 ‘My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.’  Exodus 33:14 NIV (2011 Edition) ​ The Hebrew word for peace is shalom. And apart from God it will always remain a pipe dream, a philosophical fantasy, or a tantalising fish that is just beyond your bait and hook.… Continue reading Shalom


God is with you

WORD FOR TODAY 13 June, 2017 Today God is with you ‘But they were not able to recognise who he was.’ Luke 24:16​When you face a crisis it’s easy to lose perspective. It happened to two of Christ’s disciples on the Emmaus Road. Discouraged about His death, they were ‘going over all these things that… Continue reading God is with you


Slay queen vs Career woman; the social impact.

It has become increasingly disturbing the rate at which girls of this generation slay instead of committing to a life of purpose. The order of the day is exposing skin and private parts, internet begging, social media sex workers,  reckless life and lots and lots of nudity. In the recent past, i have hardly come… Continue reading Slay queen vs Career woman; the social impact.